There are multiple dental filling options available for patients today. Fillings can be made of zinc, silver, plastic, gold, amalgam, tin, and copper, but the most practical choice is resin.

Resin composite fillings are a combination of plastic and ceramic materials. Dentists prefer using these for an array of situations because it has a tooth-colored appearance, blends perfectly with any set of teeth, and is quite easy to apply.

First, the team assesses the patient’s teeth structure. If there’s not much of the tooth left on the affected area, the dentist will have to use another type of filling.

Next, the filling is applied to the damaged area. The dentist will sculpt it to take the shape of the teeth surrounding it. Then, the dental filling is hardened using an ultraviolet light tool.

The dentist will assess the hardened dental filling to see if there are any touch-ups needed. After the procedure, patients are advised to be careful with the dental fillings as it will be fragile for a few days. Brush lightly, don’t eat hard foods, and gargle with mouthwash regularly.

What Composite Fillings Are Used For?

Composite fillings can be used to fix:

  • Teeth Cavities: dentists fill in the small cavities with composite dental fillings. It seals the gaps and prevents cavities from building again.
  • Cracked Teeth: Composite dental fillings can quickly fix cracked teeth, but it cannot be used to fill in teeth that have been knocked out. There has to be enough of the tooth left for the filling to latch.

Advantages of Resin Composite Fillings

Resin is a popular choice of dental filling because it offers several advantages, such as:

  • Quick, Painless Application: Patients don’t need to be nervous about dental filling applications because the process is quick, easy, and painless. It won’t take more than twenty minutes to fix the deformity, and dentists can apply an anesthetic to the affected area.
  • Natural, Tooth-Colored Appearance: The main reason dentists prefer using resin composite fillings is the natural-looking, tooth-colored appearance. If applied and maintained properly, no one can tell it’s a filling. It is the perfect option for visible parts of your teeth structure, such as the prominent incisors.
  • Good Durability: High-quality resin composite fillings are durable, and most last upward of five to ten years. Patients can eat as much hard, crunchy food as they want without worrying about damaging the fillings.
  • Less Sensitivity: Composite filling acts as a natural insulation that protects your teeth and gums from hot and cold temperatures.

Note: Watch out for cheap, low-grade fillings. Not only are these knock-offs fragile, but they can also cause issues and infections in the long run.

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