Root Canal Treatments Performed by Johns Island Dentist

Root Canal Treatments Performed by Johns Island Dentist

JOHNS ISLAND, SC – Cypress Family Dental in Johns Island, SC, is happy to offer their patients relief from major tooth and jaw pain using the latest techniques for root canal treatments. These new techniques are less painful than historical methods and can help improve your dental health over time.

Root canals are deep dental treatments used to resolve issues with infected, painful, or even dead pulp within the tooth. The pulp of a tooth might be compromised due to decay resultant from an untreated or mishandled cavity, repeated dental work on the same area, or a serious injury to the tooth. When this happens, patients experience intense pain, often so bad that chewing and even talking becomes intolerable.

A root canal involves administering a local anesthetic to the compromised tooth and surrounding tissues, then carefully removing the pulp through a small opening in the top of the tooth. The area is then disinfected and covered, first with a temporary filling then, once the tooth has healed, with a permanent crown.

The benefits of root canals include:

  • The elimination of intense pain
  • Revitalizing the structure and health of the tooth
  • Eliminating the need for tooth extraction

Root canals cost between $600 and $1,400 depending on the location of the tooth. Most dental insurance plans cover root canals as a necessary procedure. Cypress Family Dental accepts most major dental insurance providers, and offer an in-house membership plan to those who do not have insurance. You can find more details about the procedure and pricing plans available on their website.

Cypress Family Dental is operated by Dr. Devin Stitely. Dr. Stitely has been working in dentistry since 2016, when he received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Kentucky. He is a former Captain of the Dental Corps of the United States Army. Dr. Stitely enjoys more technical dental work, as it offers him a chance to use the most advanced techniques available to him to provide his patients with excellent care. He is especially fond of and experienced in performing root canal treatments.

The practice is dedicated to offering excellent service across the board, and to treating all of its patients with the dignity and respect they deserve. Cypress Family Dental aims to provide a welcoming atmosphere that allows patients to ask questions and be active in their dental care journey throughout their lives.

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Our working philosophy is a commitment to strive for excellence in all that we do, while our vision is to create a practice where our patients feel that they are more than just a number in a patient file. 

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