Beautiful, Affordable Johns Island Dental Implants

Beautiful, Affordable Johns Island Dental Implants

Cypress Family Dental recreates the appearance of patients’ natural teeth with dental implants. Implants last an average of 20-25 years, and during that time, they look and function just like natural teeth.

Cypress Family Dental is home to some of the most caring dentists and staff, truly committed to improving the appearance of patients’ smiles while also educating them about good oral hygiene to reduce the need for more implants in the future.

To receive a dental implant, patients are committing to about 6 months of treatment, so it’s crucial they find a dentist like Cypress Family Dental that provides top-notch, attentive care.  

Dr. Devin Stitely recommends dental implants for patients who want to retain as many existing teeth but may need to fill in gaps. Once in place, a dental implant is a long-term solution for many different dental issues.

Here are some of the reasons Dr. Stitely recommends implants:

  • Implants can be placed for one or more teeth, depending on the patient’s needs.
  • There is no difference between implants and real teeth in terms of function and appearance.
  • No additional care is needed for implants. Once they are placed, patients are only asked to brush and floss as usual, and visit the dentist twice yearly.
  • Dental implants can resolve speech issues caused by missing teeth immediately.

A patient may need dental implants because they have had a tooth pulled or a tooth was already missing. Missing teeth are the result of lifelong diseases, conditions that develop over time, and injuries that loosen or knock out adult teeth.

Implants are rarely done for cosmetic purposes because there are several less invasive ways to improve a person’s smile. Implants are reserved for patients who need both reconstructive and aesthetic solutions.

The cost of dental implants reflects the extensive care and expertise they require. Each dental implant (one tooth) costs $1500 or more. Each patient is a unique case, so an evaluation is necessary for the Cypress Family Dental team to give an exact estimate.

Implants are usually covered by insurance, at least partially. Financial breakdowns are provided for each patient upon consultation.

Cypress Family Dental offers a spa-like atmosphere. The office’s relaxing atmosphere is curated to resolve any fear or anxiety about dental visits that Johns Island patients may have had in the past. The entire staff strives to give every patient an one-of-a-kind experience and ultimate dental care.

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Our working philosophy is a commitment to strive for excellence in all that we do, while our vision is to create a practice where our patients feel that they are more than just a number in a patient file. 

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