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Cypress Family Dental — Why Clear Aligners Are Preferred to Traditional Braces

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Dental appliances have come a long way since the early days of modern dentistry. Patients who would like a straighter, even smile may now opt for clear aligners over traditional braces at Cypress Family Dentistry.

Clear aligners rely on a clear, rotating set of trays to reshape the teeth rather than a series of wires and brackets.

Why Are Clear Aligners Better than Traditional Braces? 

Patients prefer clear braces for the following reasons:


The primary advantage of clear aligners is that they’re virtually unnoticeable. The plastic is transparent, so your natural teeth are visible. 


Traditional braces are a permanent fixture until the orthodontist removes them. With conventional braces, patients must be careful about what they eat for fear of food getting stuck in the wires or breaking a part of the apparatus.

Patients only need to wear clear braces 22 out of 24 hours. And clear aligners must be removed before a patient eats. The removable nature allows patients to clean every surface of their teeth unencumbered.

Better Dental Health

Patients wearing traditional braces often battle to maintain good oral hygiene. Bits of food get stuck in the wires and brackets and can be difficult to remove. Traditional braces also make it challenging to floss correctly.

With clear braces, these issues are void because patients can remove their aligners before they eat and before they clean their teeth.

The Perfect Fit

With traditional braces, the orthodontist takes an impression of the teeth, then creates a set of braces based on the impression which allows for corrections. The doctor adheres to the brackets to the teeth, using a horizontal stabilizing archwire that connects each bracket on the individual teeth.

While this gives a pretty close fit, there are gaps in the system simply because the initial impression lacks some detail.

By contrast, Dr. Gioche at Cypress Family Dental uses advanced scanning technology to capture every detail of the inside of the mouth, creating a customized set of trays for each unique patient.

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Can All Patients Use Clear Braces?

Clear aligners were initially only suitable for patients needing minor adjustments, but as technology advances, more patients have been able to benefit from them. Dentists must evaluate every patient individually to determine whether or not clear aligners will be effective.

Clear braces won’t suit all patients. One issue to consider is that aligners prevent saliva from coming into contact with the teeth. For a patient with dental issues such as tooth enamel damage, this is problematic. Patients should have a full dental checkup before considering clear aligners.

They offer a viable alternative to uncomfortable metal braces, though, for those who are able to utilize them.

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