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Dentures are one of the oldest methods of tooth replacement. Improvements in denture design have made them more natural-looking, functional, and comfortable, but they still fall short compared to other tooth replacement approaches such as dental implants. For patients seeking or considering dental implants in Johns Island, SC, Cypress Family Dental is the right practice to call.

Patients may be discouraged by the underperformance of regular dentures. Removing dentures each day for cleaning can be time-consuming. Teeth can also slide along the gum line during meals. Cypress Family Dental solves these issues with dental implants so their patients can lead better quality lives.

Dental implants are surgically attached metal anchors that serve as the root for tooth crowns or dental bridges. The metal anchors connect to the jaw bone as a permanent solution for missing teeth.

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Advantages of Dental Implants

Seamless: Dental implants blend naturally with the surrounding teeth, providing a smooth, natural look. It may be difficult to tell the difference between an implant and the surrounding teeth even up close.

Functional: Dental implants function just like real teeth. Unlike removable bridges or dentures, they can provide the same chewing force as a natural tooth. They’re also convenient. Regular brushing and flossing are the best ways to care for your implants.

Durable: High-quality implants can last up to 15 years. Regular checkups and maintenance help to maximize the lifespan of implants.

How Dental Implants Are Attached

Dental implants involve multiple sessions and checkups to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The entire process takes about half a year to complete.

The first step involves mapping out the dental implants’ dimensions through x-rays, 3D imaging, and CT scans. The dental surgeons at Cypress Family Dental leverage technology to generate precise depictions of their patients’ oral structures.

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Next, the dental surgeon will implant metal rods into the jawbones to support the new teeth. This stage is followed by a 7-10-day break to allow healing before the stitches come out. During this period, the patient may have to take antibiotics to prevent infection. Patients are also restricted from smoking, spitting, or chewing hard food.

After about four to six months, the patient will undergo the second part of the surgery, where the dentist replaces the protective screws with a healing cap. After two to three weeks, it’s finally time to implant the bridge, denture, or crown.

Patients can discuss compatibility, price, safety, and efficiency with Dr. Gioche or Dr. White. The goal of Cypress Family dental is to provide the perfect dental solution for their patients. Dental prices vary on a case-by-case basis, and every procedure starts with a complete oral checkup. Dental implants may not always be the answer. If that’s the case, the team will go through other options. For patients who want to learn more about dental implants in Johns Island, SC, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gioche or Dr. White.

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