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At Cypress Family Dental we don’t see you as a number, an appointment, or just a patient. You’re a person, a part of our practice family. We believe that your comfort and your dental health are #1, equal priorities which we seek to serve. Our hope is that we can serve you, and your family, for years to come.

This level of commitment gives Dr. White six times the required amount of continuing education required for licensure and as a result, she and her team are able to provide her patients with the latest dental techniques at the highest standard of care.


Dr. Vanessa White, DDS

Dr. White is a consummate student of the dental arts, with over 100 hours of continuing education credits each year. Her interests include pathology, prosthodontics, and various facets of general and cosmetic dentistry. She is passionate about expanding her clinical skills and is currently working towards her Fellowship within the Academy of General Dentistry. This level of commitment gives Dr. White six times the required amount of continuing education and as a result, she and her team are able to provide her patients with the latest dental techniques at the highest standard of care.

In addition to being an expert dentist, Dr. White places the highest priority on building relationships with her patients. This philosophy is put into practice so that every patient feels like they are part of a family, starting from their very first appointment. Dr. White enjoys working with patients of all ages from children to older adults.

When Dr. White is not practicing Dentistry, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She also loves exploring, traveling, and movies.


  • University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts in Bio-Cultural Anthropology | Seattle, WA
  • University of North Carolina, Master of Public Health in Community Health Education | Greensboro, NC
  • University of North Carolina, Doctor of Dental Surgery | Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Frank Gioche, DDS

My Mission

To listen to your individual needs and to best serve you in the most compassionate, comprehensive, and customized way. I am committed to the idea that dentistry done right should be a comfortable and transformative experience because I’ve personally experienced the shift in confidence that good quality dentistry can bring along with it. There is something to be said about the magic moment when you finally see what you’ve always wanted to see in the mirror. Ever since I’ve lived to recreate that moment for my patients and to relive that moment with them. I’m not here to judge, I know you’re here for solutions, and my mission is to utilize the latest technology to provide you with dependable options that will have you looking good, and feeling better. Come check out the team your friends and neighbors are raving about!


  • University of Florida, Bachelor of Science in Health Science | Gainesville, FL
  • University of South Florida College of Medicine, Master of Science in Medical Science | Tampa, FL
  • Indiana University, Doctor of Dental Surgery | Indianapolis, IN
Dr. Gioche has taken over 100 hours of Continuing Education as a way to stay committed to his patients. He is dedicated to making sure you are receiving the most updated, innovative and comfortable dental care that can be offered. You can usually find him geeking out on the latest dental technology.

“There’s a reason you don’t use a house phone tethered to a wall, there’s a reason you’re not looking up information in a physical encyclopedia, there’s a reason we don’t pay for gasoline with weighted gold coins. Technology has revolutionized literally every industry it has touched. It is my personal mission to ensure that I give you the most updated experience dentistry has to offer. Its not only more comfortable, its more convenient and the treatment outcomes are more predictable. Its a no brainer”
– Dr.Gioche

Fun Fact: Dr. Gioche worked at both Circuit City and Best Buy in his high school days.

Life & Hobbies

I live for personal transformations inside and outside of dentistry. When I was young, my two front teeth used to have heavy yellow staining (fluorosis) due to a natural deformation that sometimes occurs during the formation of the tooth. I wouldn’t smile back at people, I would cover up my mouth when I talked, or I would just do my signature closed-lip smile. This led me to talk less and less due to becoming very self-conscious. Cosmetic dentistry was able to address this and allow me to focus less on my appearance as a barrier to my everyday interactions. Fast forward to the end of 2018, it dawned on me that that same self-conscious feeling had set in again, this time about my weight. So I took on the journey to transform my body and haven’t looked back. I created my own diet and exercise regimen which I was able to lose 60lbs and feel more vibrant in the process. In my spare time, I run a program to train people who want a similar outcome. I enjoy exercising, eating healthy delicious foods, and traveling with my girlfriend to discover new cities and the hidden gems they contain. We love recommendations, so keep em’ coming!

Experience Something Different

Do you want a new dental care experience? One where you’re more than an appointment spot or a number? One where your comfort is a core part of your care? If you’re ready to experience something different, contact us. Our team’s ready to serve you.